Ready For Retirement

How Much Can I Safely Spend in Retirement?

October 06, 2020 Episode 27
Ready For Retirement
How Much Can I Safely Spend in Retirement?
Show Notes

Our topic on this episode of the Ready for Retirement podcast is the question “How much can I spend in retirement?” Most people are concerned that they won’t have enough money and they worry that they will outlive their money, but James outlines the traditional and newer thought processes on withdrawals amounts during this episode. 

While the traditional rule of thumb has been to withdraw 4% of your portfolio amount in the first year and then increase your withdrawals every year based on inflation, Jonathan Guyton has come out with a new school of thought in the past 15 years that is proving beneficial for retirement planning.

Guyton’s guidelines have proven with 95% confidence that a 5.2-5.6% initial withdrawal and then monitoring the market before deciding on your withdrawal amount every year will be sufficient for a 40-year retirement horizon. The four main rules associated with this method are: the portfolio management rule, the withdrawal rule, the capital preservation rule, and the prosperity rule. 

Coupled with the consideration that retirement costs are not static and that your income sources and expenses will likely fluctuate throughout retirement, James encourages his clients and listeners to have a holistic approach. Remaining aware of market conditions and the status of your own portfolio rather than just making blind withdrawals is always the best course of action. 



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